Rainman Water Maker High Output Installed System AC 220V


A Very Compact & Easy to Install System.


If you want to permanently install your Water Maker System & need a minimum footprint installation, the Rainman
Naked System is a great option.

The system has the same internals as the traditional Rainman system with an integrated lift pump, so there
is only one motor to switch on. The Naked system excludes the blue shells, and includes a variety of valves and hardware useful
for installation.

Our system consists of a Pressure Supply Unit (PSU) and a Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO). The PSU draws seawater water up, filters it, and pressurizes it for the RO unit, which extracts fresh potable water for your tanks.

Make up to 140 Liters per hour

Learn more here http://www.rainmandesal.com


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